Juggling housing and vehicle costs, insurance, groceries, entertainment, everyday expenses and more can be overwhelming and wear a hole in your wallet. The good news: there is an easier option. Simplify your in-store, online and in-app purchases – big or small – with an affordable APGFCU® Visa® Credit Card to speed through checkout and get back to your day. With low, competitive interest rates on a variety of card types, we have tailored options to fit your unique needs of today and tomorrow.

With an APGFCU Visa Credit Card, you can:

  1. Build Credit

Having no credit history can be viewed as a negative factor in credit decisions. Lenders and others who may check your credit want to see that you have a strong reputation for repaying debt to evaluate you as a safe investment. Start by applying for a credit card to cover routine expenses every month, such as gas for your vehicle. Then, try to pay your bill in full as soon as it is posted online or arrives in the mail. This will demonstrate that you are worthy of credit and improve your score.

  1. Increase Your Buying Power

With access to a line of credit from APGFCU, you can cover large purchases now instead of waiting for a check to clear later. Tackle home improvement projects, pay for next semester’s tuition and prepare for unexpected expenses.

  1. Earn Rewards and Discounts

Reward yourself just for using your card! Earn points with every purchase with an APGFCU Visa Rewards Credit Card, which you can redeem for merchandise, gift cards, activities and more through our UChoose Rewards program.

Keep more of your money in your wallet with our Visa Cash Back Credit Card and exclusive merchant discounts offered through Visa. Whether it’s food, shopping, entertainment, travel or identity theft protection, you can access great deals for every occasion.

  1. Simplify Your Everyday Purchases

Enjoy an easier way to pay for everything from groceries to monthly bills to dream vacations. Plus, get the flexibility to save more and pay over time. Add your Visa Credit Card to your PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay accounts for fast, convenient and secure payments – anywhere, anytime.

  1. Receive Enhanced Fraud Protection

Our advanced Card Control features allow you to monitor your card through our Online and Mobile Banking application. Freeze your cards, set text or email alerts to be notified of activity, block international transactions and merchant types and set spending limits on each card. Plus, Visa’s embedded chip technology and Zero Liability Policy ensures that your financial standing and perception by potential lenders will not be impacted by the actions of cybercriminals assuring you will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges.

  1. Use Your Card at Millions of Places

Around the corner, online, in an app and halfway around the world – your APGFCU Visa Credit Card is accepted at millions of stores, restaurants and merchants across the country and abroad. And if an emergency occurs while traveling in a country outside of the U.S., Visa’s Travel and Emergency Assistance Services are included with a Visa Credit Card to help you and your family get the medical, legal and transportation help you need, wherever you are.

  1. Track Purchases Online

Identifying activity on your APGFCU Visa Credit Card is essential to keeping your finances and information safe and on track. Know exactly how your money is being spent and where to better manage your cash flow through a single centralized credit card.

  1. Get Peace of Mind

An APGFCU Visa card goes beyond credit. Access features including Emergency Card Replacement, Emergency Cash Disbursement, Lost or Stolen Card Reporting, Zero Liability Policy, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Extended Warranty Protection. Review the extensive benefits you get just by being an APGFCU Visa credit cardmember.

Visit our website to discover all that an APGFCU Visa Credit Card has to offer and find the one for you today.