In today’s modern, technology-driven environment, efficiency is everything. Save time and effort paying for everyday items with an APGFCU® Visa® Debit Card. Avoid fumbling around with cash and checks and opt for a single payment option that empowers you to shop conveniently and with confidence.

Take advantage of an APGFCU Visa Debit Card and unlock features including:

Enhanced Speed

APGFCU Visa Debit Cards help you speed through checkout and offer a convenient way to make everyday purchases. Lighten your load on trips to the store by leaving your cash and checkbook at home. Avoid spending time stopping at the ATM and utilize our Visa Debit Card for your payment needs. Use your Visa Debit Card to ensure on-time monthly bill payments by setting up automatic withdrawals from your account to your service provider.

Broad Acceptance

Shop at millions of locations worldwide. Swipe or insert your card at department stores, grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations.

Built-in Fraud Protection

Buy with confidence every time you pay with an APGFCU Visa Debit Card. A debit card includes a three-digit security code located on the back for protection when making purchases online, by phone or within an application. Plus, the embedded chip in a Visa Debit Card generates a one-time code which is virtually impossible to counterfeit. You’re also protected with chargeback rights and Visa’s Zero Liability Policy if your card is ever lost, stolen or fraudulently used, offering an extra layer of defense against thieves.

Proactively manage and safeguard your APGFCU debit card from cybercriminals with Card Control. Freeze your cards, set text or email alerts to be notified of activity, block international transactions and merchant types, and set spending limits on each card all from our centralized mobile application.

Added Convenience

For even faster checkouts, add your Visa Debit Card to your PayPal®, Venmo®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Apple Pay® accounts for streamlined, secure payments – anywhere, anytime.

Recordkeeping and Control

Manage your finances and track your spending to ensure your stability. Review your purchases online with just a few clicks through Online & Mobile Banking. Access a single, itemized list of your spending to gain better control of your finances and solidify a plan to reach your goals.

Exclusive Discounts

Receive purchase discounts when you use your APGFCU Visa Debit Card. Save big on food, retail, travel, identity theft protection and more with exclusive offers. Check out the latest discounts and start earning more. 

Check out the convenience, security and added discounts you can access just by being an APGFCU Visa Debit cardmember and apply for yours today.