Summer months are a time for fun, sun, and adventure. Unfortunately, that can come with a price. Utility costs, especially electricity, often spike in the summer when many are cranking the air conditioning to keep their homes comfortable. To help keep you and your wallet cool this summer, we have compiled a list of tips to cut down on expensive habits, increase efficiency, and save.

  1. Give your A/C a break
    Use your air conditioner only when needed during the summer months to boost savings. However, there are days that absolutely call for A/C — and that’s fine! You should not be melting in your home just to save a few bucks. But when you can, open up the windows and enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Run appliances at night
    When possible, try to use your dishwasher, washer and dryer, and other household appliances in the evenings to reduce the amount of heat exerted into your home. Running them during the day will cause your air conditioner to work overtime and add to your electric bill.
  3. Dry clothes outside
    Put your clothes on the line outside to dry instead of using your dryer and adding more to your electricity bill. Or, set your dryer to low heat and then hang the clothes outside to let the sun take care of the rest.

  4. Keep up with home maintenance
    Summer is a great time to catch up on housekeeping items and prepare for the colder months. Remove and clean filters on window air conditioning units. Consider hiring a professional who can inspect your central air unit and update your home’s insulation to make sure air isn’t slipping through the cracks. Inspect your foundation to reduce bug infestation and check for costly leaks.

  5. Fire up the outdoor grill 
    Take your cooking outside to cut down on high oven and stove temperatures that could heat up your house.

  6. Switch your lights off
    Summer months offer warm weather, beautiful flowers, and more daylight. Keep your indoor lights off longer to boost efficiency, reduce your utility bill, and take advantage of nature’s extended evenings.
  7. Look out for sales
    Many stores begin rolling out end-of-summer sales in late July and early August. This is a great time to stock up on summer must-haves such as bathing suits, flip flops, pool essentials, beach towels, and outdoor planting materials.

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