Summer is here, which means it’s time to unwind on a trip to the beach or embark on a new adventure. While having a change of scenery may make for an exciting escape, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your funds to avoid being a target of theft or fraud. Make the most of your summer getaway with our tips to keep your money safe while traveling.

  1. Stash Your Cash

Limit your cash flow while out and about to avoid losing your vacation fund. Remember, cash is not replaceable and when it’s gone – it’s gone. Consider carrying a small amount of cash on you to cover unexpected costs, while keeping the rest secured in a hotel room safe or suitcase.

  1. Opt for Credit Over Debit Cards

Credit cards typically offer more security features and no-hassle refunds on unauthorized charges than debit cards. With an APGFCU® Visa® Credit Card, we give you the power to freeze your card, block international transactions, set spending limits and more from anywhere in the world. Don’t wonder if your card is protected – be certain with APGFCU Visa.

  1. Keep Records of Your Information

In the event your debit or credit card is stolen, reporting it immediately is crucial to getting your money back and preventing a criminal from spending more. To do this, you will need access to your account information or the customer service number on the back of the card, which may be difficult without the card. Prepare for the worst by making copies of your cards, as well as account and customer service numbers, before leaving home. Be sure to keep these records in a safe and secure place separate from your cards.

  1. Stay Vigilant

Pickpockets, thieves and fraudsters prey on unsuspecting tourists for easy cash. Avoid secluded ATMs, stay in a group, use a safety tool such as a money belt and keep cash out of sight. Opt for using ATMs located in your hotel or a nearby store. Be smart, not a target!

  1. Arm Your Devices with Strong Passwords

Stealing your smart device gives criminals access to your personal and financial information. Thieves may use your bank account to make large purchases, steal your identity and ruin your credit. Equip your device with a strong, unique password to stop criminals in their tracks. For extra security, consider programming your devices to auto-lock after a few minutes of inactivity.

  1. Check Activity Frequently

Stay on top of your finances to ensure any suspicious activity is caught as soon as possible and your information remains yours. APGFCU card control features through online and mobile banking allow you to monitor and manage your credit or debit card activity from your phone or mobile device. We’ll help you keep an eye on your account – anywhere, anytime.

No matter where your summer takes you, APGFCU has your back. Visit our Credit Card page to secure your finances on the go today.