Residential/Agriculture Loans

Our residential/agriculture program is designed for borrowers whose rural area property has features, such as large acreage and/or small-scale farming activity, that may make it challenging to obtain conventional mortgage financing.

As a local lender, APGFCU understands the rural communities in surrounding counties, including Harford, Cecil and Baltimore counties, and we are committed to the people who call these properties home. We have the drive and expertise gained from building our residential/agriculture programs to serve the unique mortgage needs of “hobby” farmers.

Hobby Farmers

Hobby farmers have wealth or income from other sources (such as wages, non-farm self-employment, pension, dividend, and interest) that permits them to farm for pleasure, rather than for basic income. Examples of “hobby” farming operations could include:

  • Cash-crop farming (by owner or lease arrangement) is a portion of the acreage.
  • Operation of a business to offer horseback riding lessons or training in an indoor or outdoor arena

Our portfolio of agriculture loans was developed for rural properties where farm income is not used as part of the borrower’s loan qualification. 

APGFCU also offers a rural housing loan, backed by USDA, for qualified buyers interested in purchasing a primary residence in eligible rural areas.

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To learn more about Residential/Agriculture loan options, call 888-LOAN-391 (888-562-6391) to receive a call from an APGFCU Mortgage Consultant.

Membership eligibility applies. Loans are available only on primary and secondary single-family residences or owner-occupied condominiums located in MD, PA, DE, NJ, VA, NC, SC, and FL. Subject to credit approval.

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