Online Account Switch Kit

4 simple steps

Thank you for choosing APGFCU. Switching accounts is easier if you follow 4 simple steps. Call us if we can help.

Step 1: Open your new APGFCU Checking Account

Open in person, at a branch, by phone, or online.

Step 2: Switch Your Direct Deposit

Complete and print the Direct Deposit form (PDF), and take the form to your payroll or HR department for implementation.

Step 3: Change Your Automated Payments

Complete and print the Authorization to Change Automated Payment form (PDF) for each of your automated payments (such as car loan, health club, or mortgage payments). We offer these automated payment options: Online Banking’s Bill Pay or debit cards.

Step 4: Close Your Old Account

Complete and print the Request to Close an Account form (PDF), and send it to your old bank or credit union when:

  • All checks and transactions have cleared
  • All direct deposits are being made to your new APGFCU account
  • All automated payments are being made to your new APGFCU account

Note: For your convenience, the PDF forms on this page are interactive; that is, you can key in your information before printing.

Want some help? Please stop by a branch, we’ll walk you through it.

Thank you and welcome to APGFCU. We’re glad you’re here!