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Reward yourself with great merchandise, travel excursions, event tickets, and activities.

Did you know you can earn bonus points for every qualifying dollar you spend? Well, you can! Just use your APGFCU Visa® Platinum Preferred Rewards Credit Card. Our partnership with UChoose Rewards® means you can turn your purchases into amazing merchandise, travel excursions, event tickets and activities!

It's easy!
Simply use your Visa® Platinum Preferred Rewards Card for everyday purchases and we'll give you one point for every dollar spent on purchases. You can earn additional points through participating retail offers within the UChoose Rewards website. When you're ready, visit the UChoose Rewards® website. While there you can register, see how many points you've earned and learn more about your exciting rewards opportunities.

    Rewards Benefits:
  • 1,000 points when you sign up
  • 1,500 points to thank you for your first purchase
  • 1 point earned for every dollar spent on purchases
  • Extra points with participating retailers.

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