In today’s ever-changing and technology-driven world, online learning is becoming the educational method of choice. From one-on-one webinars to cross-company conferences, many are utilizing and leveraging online learning events for professional and personal gain. Virtual events are not only cost-effective by avoiding the need for plane tickets, hotel stays and meal expenses, but also convenient as a participant can log on from anywhere with an internet connection.


Adjusting to the cadence of online learning can be challenging. To help, here are a list of tips to get the most out of your next virtual experience.*


Be Prepared

Before the event, make sure to understand how you will be joining the call, if there are any special instructions such as pre-registration and that your computer has the required applications installed. You can also check with your instructor to see if the session is being recorded and the information will be available to participants after the class.


Additionally, make sure to dress the part. While virtual sessions are typically less formal than in-person settings, you’ll still want to make a good impression if you will be on camera.


Set Your Expectations

Online events are different than in-person courses. It is important to keep this in mind to avoid comparing the two throughout your virtual experience. While similar to in-person sessions, you may experience technical glitches, communication barriers or a feeling of being disconnected over a virtual call.


Try approaching online education with the idea of learning top of mind. Whether you’re sitting in front of your instructor or hundreds of miles away, you can learn the same information.


Stay Focused

While you may not physically be in the same room as your instructor, you can still set yourself up to get the most out of a course by dedicating your time and attention. Resist working on other projects on your computer, silence your phone, limit distractions and carve out time to only focus on the event you’re attending.



A key to combating the feeling of being disconnected in an online event is participating and getting involved. Remember that you are there with one goal: to learn. Venture to guess instructor prompts, share your thoughts and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can.


Engage in Networking Opportunities

If you are in an event alongside other participants, take the opportunity to get to know each other. Meet professionals in and out of your field, discuss the event’s topics and takeaways and make possible connections for future endeavors.


Be Flexible

Kinks to working and learning online continue to pop up and be ironed out. Don’t let this stop you from attending virtual events! Instead, leverage momentary pauses and interruptions to start a conversation with your instructor and other participants. Above all else, try to have fun and embrace the experience.


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