Middle River, Maryland Eligibility

In addition to serving all of Harford and Cecil counties, we also serve portions of Middle River in Balitmore County, Maryland. This area has been drawn to comply with the membership requirements established by APGFCU’s federal regulator, the National Credit Union Administration.

    To determine if your area of Middle River is eligible for membership, follow these instructions:
  • Print this page of instructions.
  • Click the "Get Started" button to visit the U.S. Census Bureau website.
  • On the left navigation choose the "Geographies" tab. A new portion of the site will appear.
  • Choose the "Address" tab at the top.
  • Input the address in the form and click "Go."
  • The page will refresh and a text box will appear containing criteria about that address.
  • The census tract number for the address will appear on line 4 and be labeled "Census Tract."
  • Compare this number to the list below. These are the census tracks that we serve in Middle River.
    Middle River, MD census tracts we serve:
  • 4505.03
  • 4505.04
  • 4507.00
  • 4508.00
  • 4509.00
  • 4510.00
  • 4513.00
  • 4514.00
  • 4516.00

If you have determined that you are eligible for membership, we'd like the opportunity to serve you.