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Now’s the time to start thinking about your credit and your financial future. With Next, we provide the tools; you choose what’s best for you. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

    Your financial well-being comes first.
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Manage your money. Don’t let it manage you.

Buying a car or a house? Paying off bills? Getting married? Whatever your plans are, it’s important for you to get your spending under control and save your money.

Do this: commit to a monthly budget.
Income: How much is coming in?
Expenses: How much is going out?

    By planning how to spend your income, you can:
  • Control spending and debt load
  • Save for your future


Borrow money wisely. Pay off debt quickly.

Take a look at your budget. What are some ways you can save money? For starters, you may want to consider refinancing and consolidating your existing debt to save money.

Do this: know what you owe — always.
Expenses: How much does it cost to live?
Debt load: What are your monthly payments?

  • Auto Loan
    Why pay more? Buy or refinance your auto and save with our low interest rates.
  • Visa®
    If you must carry a balance, be sure you have a low interest rate. Do the math on our Visa credit card — it’s a bargain. Plus, transfer your high interest rate credit cards to a low rate APGFCU Visa® credit card and you’ll get 1% cash back. And, there’s no fee to transfer and no annual fee.
  • Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit
    If you own a home and you need funds, consider a home equity loan or home equity line of credit. You can consolidate your bills and pay down your debt. There may be risks so talk to us first.


Save a little or save a lot. It adds up.

Finding money to save after you’ve paid your bills can be hard. But, setting up an automatic savings plan can make it easier. You can direct deposit as little as $5 of your paycheck into your savings account(s).

Do this: start a good habit — now.
Start saving: Try payroll deduction or direct deposit.

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Your financial education is our priority.

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