Mobile Banking Security

    Remember to observe the same safety precautions when accessing your accounts through a mobile device that you would when accessing from your computer.
  • Never reveal your User ID and password to others.
  • Do not store this information in your mobile device.
  • Do not leave your mobile device unattended when logged on.
  • Be sure to completely log out when you’re finished.
  • Remember that we will never send you an email or text message that includes a link taking you directly to a page requesting personal information, except for our homepage.
    Mobile Banking and Mobile Applications:
  • APGFCU Mobile Banking features the same strong security as APGFCU’s Online Banking service. All information is securely encrypted.
  • You can only log in from a mobile device with a browser that connects securely.
  • The first few times you log in to Mobile Banking, you may be asked to answer one of the Security Verification Questions you set up in Online Banking.
  • If you ever see a warning when you log in that the security certificate does not match the host name, stop and contact APGFCU immediately.
    Text Banking:
  • APGFCU Text Banking is tied to your mobile device by the phone number(s) previously registered within Online Banking.
  • Because text messages do not require User ID’s or passwords, APGFCU will never send confidential information, such as account numbers, via Text Banking.
  • If you lose your mobile phone, deactivate your Text Banking service immediately by visiting the Mobile Enrollment page in the User Services section of Online Banking.