What's on Your Credit Report?

Your credit report and credit score can affect your ability to purchase a home, rent an apartment, buy a car, receive favorable insurance rates, or even get a new job. Further, checking your credit report regularly is a crucial step in understanding what it says about the way you handle your financial obligations, and is a good way to protect yourself from fraud or inaccurate reporting.

Maryland residents can now request and obtain a free credit report from each of the three agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, once every 12 months. The three credit bureaus have established one central website, telephone number, and mailing address to use for ordering your report and will only provide the free annual reports through this central location, not through their individual websites, telephone numbers, or addresses.

Web: www.annualcreditreport.com
Telephone: 1-877-322-8228
Mail: Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 105281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

You can obtain your free reports all at once, or stagger your requests throughout the year. If you request the report online, you should be able to view it immediately. Requests via telephone or mail will take approximately 15 days for processing.

    The free credit reports will not include a credit score. You can obtain, for a fee, reports with scores from any of the sources listed below:
  • Equifax: www.Equifax.com or 1-800-685-1111
  • Experian: www.Experian.com OR 1-866-200-6020
  • Trans Union: www.TransUnion.com OR 1-800-888-4213

What is your credit score and why is it important?
Your credit score is a number based on a statistical analysis of your credit files. It is important because it represents your creditworthiness. Your credit score helps lenders, mobile phone companies, government departments, even employers determine whether or not you will pay your debts in a timely manner, if you qualify for a loan, what interest rate you will be offered, and more.

APGFCU will provide a free and confidential credit report review to ensure you have the tools necessary to improve, maintain and protect your credit standing. After you obtain a copy of your credit report, just stop in any APGFCU branch and we’ll review it with you.

    Your free credit report review includes:
  • Understanding your credit score
  • How to correct inaccuracies
  • Improving your credit standing
  • Protecting against identity theft and fraud
  • Overcoming identity theft