Checked for Success: Getting the Most from Your Checking Account

Frustrated about the rising gas prices, along with the rising prices of everything else? Are your expenses growing at a faster rate than your income? Managing your money wisely will help you find ways to beat those inflation blues.

Financial success begins with a plan. Managing your money properly will help you reach your goals and turn those dreams into a reality. Tracking how you spend your money is the first step. If you don’t know where your money is going, you won’t have control over it and this can lead to overspending, loss of opportunities and financial frustration. Getting control over your expenses will allow you to step into the driver’s seat and take control of your money before it gets control of you.

Once you see where your money is going, you can look for possible ways to cut back on your expenses, leaving more money for savings. This will allow you to take advantage of compounding interest and get you closer to reaching your financial goals. Remember, the more you save, the faster your money will grow.

Checking accounts are important financial tools in helping you track your expenses. They provide a record of when you pay bills and can provide proof of payment if there is a discrepancy. Writing checks is much safer than paying cash and if you don’t have the cash in your pocket to spend, you will be less tempted to spend it.

Being responsible about your checking account will help you build a solid relationship with your financial institution. This may pave the way for other opportunities such as borrowing money to purchase a car or a home. Remember to update your transaction register whenever you write a check, use your ATM or debit card, or deposit money into your account. Know your balance at all times. Review your monthly statement and balance your checkbook monthly.