Warning Signs of Credit Trouble

    Can you identify with any of these warning signs? You're not alone!
  • Paying only the minimum amount due on your credit cards.
  • Charging more each month than you make in payments.
  • Using credit and cash advances for items that used to be purchased with cash, such as groceries, gas, and insurance.
  • Having a total credit balance that rarely decreases.
  • Being at or near your credit limit and applying for new cards.
  • Needing a consolidation loan to pay existing debt.
  • Not knowing the total amount you owe.
  • Experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress whenever you use your charge cards.
  • Draining your savings to pay debts.
  • Making late bill payments.
    We offer free budgetary advice to help you through tough financial situations:
  • Productive counseling to help you establish and execute a financial plan.
  • Preventive counseling to help you prepare for a financial change like lay-off or new child.
  • Remedial counseling when quick action is necessary for crisis.
  • Referral services, when appropriate.

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