Edgewood High School RAM Branch

APGFCU Opens Doors to Its First Student-Run Credit Union
Shares commitment to youth financial education with Edgewood High School/Academy of Finance

The school store at Edgewood High School in Harford County, now shares its space with APGFCU’s first student-run branch. APGFCU, in partnership with the Edgewood High School/Academy of Finance (EHS/AOF), officially opened the doors of its new Ram Branch with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 2, 2012. It’s the first student-run credit union in Harford County.

Under the guidance of Academy coordinators and APGFCU representatives, EHS/AOF juniors and seniors will serve as the tellers and run daily operations of the Ram Branch, including opening new checking and savings accounts, making deposits and withdrawals, and transferring money.

Students were required to apply for the teller positions, interview and attend extensive training provided by APGFCU. They’ll receive experience building skills in finance as well as leadership, management and marketing, which tie back to the core financial classes taught in the AOF. When graduates of the AOF apply for real-world jobs, they’ll have the advantage of being able to use their experience operating a fully functioning branch of a credit union.

The Ram Branch will be open 52 days during the school year, for two hours each day, scheduled around the school’s lunch periods.

Carolyn Kustanbauter with EHS AOF students

Carolyn Kustanbauter with EHS/AOF students