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APG Federal Credit Union Offers Federal Furlough Relief  

Posted on Oct 09, 2013 by APGFCU

As the federal shutdown continues to impact pay checks of federal employees and federal contract employees, APG Federal Credit Union announced today an expanded package of financial solutions for its members. The credit union offers loan assistance, expedited approvals, payment deferrals, free financial guidance, and 24/7 educational resources.

Loan assistance includes an unsecured, 2-year furlough loan at 4.99 percent for up to $7,500; expedited requests for Visa credit card line increases with no balance-transfer fee; a skip-a-pay option; and home equity lines of credit as financial safety nets. A hybrid loan-account secures a savings account to a loan; the interest charged on the loan matches the interest paid on the secured savings. On the deposit side, the credit union waives early withdrawal penalty fees when funds are withdrawn from a savings certificate.

The mission of APGFCU is to empower members to use and control their money, to encourage thrift, and to offer credit at a fair and reasonable rate of interest. The credit union has been recognized nationally for its educational outreach to members and the public. In 2012, APGFCU coached and taught financial education to 13,902 individuals. That number represents 10,780 youths and 3,122 adults.

For details, call 1-800-225-2555, and press four or come in to a branch to discuss your unique situation.

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