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APG Federal Credit Union Honors 41 Employees with Service Awards 

Posted on Feb 08, 2013 by APGFCU

APG Federal Credit Union (APGFCU) honored 41 employees for their service to the credit union with a Service Awards ceremony at the Bulle Rock Clubhouse in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

While honorees enjoyed a breakfast buffet, Executive Vice President William Schultheis and Senior Vice President Genene LaCour recognized employees who celebrated milestone anniversaries at the credit union in 2012.

Honorees include:

    35 Year Award
  • Nancy Hill
    25 Year Award
  • Sharon Gustafson
  • Kimberly Hadry
  • Susan McDonald
    20 Year Award
  • Beth Bayer
  • Joelle Hash
  • Carol McBrien
    15 Year Award
  • Alicia Figueroa
  • Claudia Scarborough
    10 Year Award
  • Susan Baroch
  • Gail Billings
  • Pamela Cassell
  • Roslyn Copeland
  • Monica Dilworth
  • Jim Hall
  • Sharon Hudler
  • Rhonda Kimble
  • Dana Kraemer
  • Kelly Martin
  • Patrick McKinney
  • Marilyn Rawls
  • Crystal Ross
  • Brenda Soellner
    5 Year Award
  • Megan Barnes
  • Erica Bishop
  • Deborah Brandt
  • Jannell Bryson
  • Michele Bush
  • Amanda Donnelly
  • Diana Enos
  • Michael German
  • Dennis Hurley
  • Amy Kessell
  • Erica Lake
  • Damon Natt
  • Kathleen Russell
  • Jennifer Schmidt
  • Danielle Schrader
  • Janice Setlock
  • Theresa Stine
  • Belinda Svec

Every year, APGFCU recognizes and rewards employees for their dedication to the credit union and for the outstanding service they provide members. APGFCU has been honoring employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries with Service Awards since 1987.

As one of the largest employers in Harford County, APGFCU has 290 employees, 68 percent of whom live in Harford County and 17 percent in Cecil County. APGFCU is committed to building strong families for a stronger community with 11 branches in Harford and Cecil counties. Membership is free and open to everyone who lives, works, worships, volunteers, or attends school in Harford or Cecil County.

APGFCU's 5-Year Service Award Recipients

APGFCU’s 5-Year Service Award Recipients

APGFCU's 10-Year Service Award Recipients

APGFCU’s 10-Year Service Award Recipients

APGFCU's 15-Year Service Award Recipients

APGFCU’s 10-Year Service Award Recipients, Alicia Figueroa

APGFCU's 20-Year Service Award Recipients

(from left)APGFCU’s 20-Year Service Award Recipients, Joelle Hash, Carol McBrien, and Beth Bayer

APGFCU's 25-Year Service Award Recipients

(from left)APGFCU’s 25-Year Service Award Recipients, Kimberly Hadry and Sharon Gustafson

APGFCU's 35-Year Service Award Recipients

APGFCU’s 35-Year Service Award Recipient, Nancy Hill

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