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How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?What if I lose my phone or get a new one? Is there a cost to use the APGFCU Mobile App?Which account can I view in Mobile Banking?How can I purchase an APGFCU Visa Gift Card?What is APGFCU's routing number?How do I order or reorder checks?How do I make a wire transfer?How do I change my address?How do I change my legal name?How do I close my account?How do I stop a payment on a personal check?What does it mean if I receive a hold on my account after I have made a deposit? How can I avoid having a hold placed on my deposit?Do you offer cashier’s checks?Do you offer money orders?What is the credit union’s holiday schedule?What do I need to apply for membership online?What information do I need to open an account?How can I open an account online?How do I make an opening deposit for an account that I open online?How long will it take to open an account when I apply online?How do I sign up for Online Banking?What does Online Banking cost?What does it cost to pay my bills online?How do I pay my bills online?Is it possible to check my account without signing up for Online Banking?Can I include special characters in my password?Will Online Banking and Bill Pay be free?How do I access my online statements?Can I access my spouses account on the mobile app?Who can I contact for help?What platform is Mobile Banking App available in?How do I fix a JavaScript error message on Internet Explorer (Browser)?Do you have instructions or an FAQ for Personal Financial Management?What is Mobile Deposit?What kind of device do I need for Mobile Deposit?Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit?How do I enroll Mobile Deposit?What types of APGFCU accounts accept Mobile Deposit?Is my account secure in APGFCU Mobile Deposit?Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?How do I endorse the check for Mobile Deposit? Are there deposit limits?What types of checks are acceptable for Mobile Deposit?What types of checks are not acceptable for Mobile Deposit?How long do I need to hold a deposited check?When will the funds from Mobile Deposit become available?How will I know if there is a problem with the check? I received a fraud alert call about my Visa®. Is this legitimate?