The Credit Union Way: "Not for profit. Not for charity. But for service."

The committees listed are those to which any volunteers may be appointed. There are other committees that are solely comprised of directors and associates, or more experienced volunteers.

Bankruptcy/Charge-off/Delinquency Committee
Meets quarterly to review results that focus on the overall financial plan and the credit union's short and long-range goals. They review graphs and reports that statistically track delinquency, ratios, receivables, charge-offs, and bankruptcies.

  • Meets January, April, July, October / 3rd Mon or Wed / 4:45pm

Credit Appeals Committee
Meets with members who request, in writing, a review of the actions that led to their loan application denial. The members of the committee participate in training and education programs provided to ensure that they are completely versed in APG Federal Credit Union loan policies and credit granting regulations. Committee members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible but are not required to attend weekly.

  • Meets every Thursday at 9am

Supervisory Committee
Committee members appointed annually by the Board of Directors. Serves as the members' representative in making or advocating examinations and evaluations of the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls.

  • Meets 1st Tuesday of each month / 4:45pm / some additional meetings may be required

Technology Committee
Responsible for reviewing the current and future needs for integrated technology solutions to deliver financial services and communications securely, efficiently, and effectively to our members.

  • Meets 2-3x year / 4:45pm

Volunteer Recruitment Committee
Recruits, reviews, and recommends member applicants for duties as an APG Federal Credit Union volunteer.

  • Meets 2-3x year / 4:45pm