So many ways to learn. So many ways to serve.

When you volunteer with us, you receive specialized training, which helps you develop the skills and knowledge essential to financial institution leadership. Through self-study courses, you’ll learn credit union principles and gain valuable insights into planning, finance, lending, marketing and more. 

This personal enrichment prepares you to serve on committees, which are the leadership foundation of APGFCU. Each committee provides a unique experience and comes with important responsibilities, such as reviewing policy proposals, discussing trends, and considering ways to support the community.

Here are some of the committees:

  • Community Involvement
    Looks for ways to involve the credit union in meaningful community activities.
  • Governance
    Conducts the annual board nominating process, helps recruit new board members, oversees orientation of new board members and conducts succession planning for board leadership.
  • Human Resources
    Reviews, recommends and monitors policies and programs related to personnel recruitment, employment, training and development.
  • Planning, Budgeting & Asset/Liability Management – Bankruptcy, Charge-Off & Delinquency
    Reviews quarterly results that focus on overall financial goals.
  • Supervisory
    Evaluates the effectiveness of internal controls and makes recommendations for improvement, ensures annual financial statement audits and verifies member accounts.