Become a Volunteer

Be an Involved Member: Volunteer Opportunities at APG Federal Credit Union

Volunteers built APG Federal Credit Union
Petitioning for a credit union charter at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in 1938, seven volunteers laid the foundation to provide financial services to the local military community. Working together, they grew the membership and assets and managed the credit union on their own time. In 1960, when increasing administrative tasks required full-time management, APG Federal Credit Union hired its first employee. From the original seven to the more than 26 who currently comprise our Board of Directors and working committees, volunteers have provided the guidance and spirit of APG Federal Credit Union within the credit union movement for over 80 years.

The Role of APG Federal Credit Union Volunteers

As APG Federal Credit Union members, volunteers are appointed to work on the various committees that guide the credit union in areas such as policy-making, budgeting, technology, and planning.

Directors are volunteers elected by the membership to serve a three-year term on the Board. The Board comprises 9 members and elects five to serve as the executive officers. Typically, directors will dedicate six to ten hours a month working on Board issues, contributing to committee discussions, and working to sharpen their understanding of financial and governance topics within the credit union movement.

Executive Officers
Directors who have been elected by the Board may hold the offices of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, or Assistant Treasurer.

Associate Directors
In addition to their assigned committee duties, Associate Directors are volunteers, approved by the Board, who attend monthly Board meetings. They cannot vote, but they can discuss issues and topics during the Board meetings and learn, through participation, about what services a credit union typically provides to its members.

Volunteer Training Requirements

Volunteering for your credit union is a great way to expand your skills while helping others. Volunteers must complete 12 modules of training through the Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) offered by CUNA. The first six must be completed within six months of appointment—thereafter, a minimum of three modules every six months to finish the 12 within two years. VAP is a home study course designed exclusively for credit union volunteers. Each module comes with a study book and an open book competency test that is mailed back to CUNA for confidential grading.

    Core Modules:
  • Financial Reports
  • History & Philosophy
  • Managing Risk

Join the APG Federal Credit Union Volunteers
Maybe it’s time to bring your energy to APG Federal Credit Union and help your fellow members experience the empowerment that flows from their credit union membership. It’s an opportunity to enrich your own knowledge of the financial services field and enjoy the reward of knowing that your valuable input is helping APG Federal Credit Union to fulfill its mission to Build Strong Families for a Stronger Community.