Message from the CEO

The very definition of the word “empowerment” describes APGFCU's mission for members when it comes to their finances. We strive to help our members become stronger and more confident financially, and to take control of their finances. In turn, they will improve their own lives, as well as the lives of the generations that follow them.

Financial literacy empowers both members and our society. At APGFCU, we have developed opportunities for you to build financial skills and to pass them along to your children and grandchildren. The time to do this is now. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, you can realize the possibility of homeownership, freedom from debt and building a savings reserve.

We are here to help our members claim their right to financial literacy. It all starts with the concept of ownership. When one becomes a part of the credit union, one becomes a member-owner. A shareholder. An investor. As a not-for-profit cooperative, the credit union operates to return value to members in the form of better rates on savings and loans, as well as fewer/lower fees. The bottom line: We are here to serve you, to partner with you to build your wealth.

One of the many ways we help to do this is by educating members and the community at large on financial matters. I encourage you to take time to explore the many resources we offer, such as articles in our newsletters and the “Education and Advice” section of our website. There are a number of useful tools, including online courses, articles, videos and more. Register for one of the seminars or workshops we offer on topics ranging from home buying to getting your credit in shape. Meet one-on-one by scheduling time with one of our financial counselors or take advantage of the services available through our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness.

If you have children, they may have participated in the many financial literacy sessions with a representative from our financial education department. This team actively conducts courses in partnership with schools and community organizations throughout Harford and Cecil counties. In 2016 alone, they delivered 861 teaching and coaching sessions, reaching over 8,500 individuals.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower our members so that they are in control of their finances and can leave a legacy to their children, grandchildren and future generations. That legacy is not only monetary, but more importantly, a legacy of financial knowledge.

Share this valuable empowerment resource with others. What better gift is there to give than the gift of credit union member-ownership? Open an account for a child or grandchild and set up automatic transfers from your account to theirs. Help that loved one get started – even if it's just a small amount at regular intervals. Doing so will help to provide a foundation upon which they can then build. Pass on the power you have realized. It is an increasing power throughout the generations. Each generation becomes more prosperous than the previous one. That’s the power of a legacy. We’ve provided the structure. Seize the opportunity. Embrace it and pass it on.

Ultimately, our families become stronger and our communities become stronger. That’s the heart and soul of APGFCU's mission.

Don W. Lewis

Don W. Lewis

APG Federal Credit Union