2018 Board of Directors Election - Official Election Rules

The following are the official rules, according to the APGFCU Bylaws, for nomination of officials for the election to the Board of Directors. Any further nominations from the membership must be made according to the rules and deadline dates below.

  1. At least 120 days prior to the Election, the Chairman of the Board shall appoint a Governance Committee of not fewer than three members.
  2. The Governance Committee shall nominate at least one member for each vacancy, including an unexpired term vacancy for which elections are being held, plus at least one more candidate.
  3. The Governance Committee shall file its nominations with the Secretary of the Board at least 90 days prior to the Election. Prior to filing, the committee shall determine that the members nominated are agreeable to the nomination and will accept office if elected. Written notice must be sent to members at least 75 days prior to the Election. THIS IS YOUR NOTICE.
  4. Nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition signed by one percent of the membership (123,499 members as of August 31, 2017) or 500 members, whichever is less. Each candidate must present a separate petition.
    1. Such petitions must be filed with the Secretary of the Board at least 40 days prior (November 19, 2017) to the Election.
    2. To be effective, such nominations shall be accompanied by a certification from the nominee or nominees stating that they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected to office.
    3. Each nominee by petition shall submit a brief statement of qualifications and biographical data with the petition.
    4. To be valid, all signatures must be accompanied by a printed last name.
  5. The Secretary shall cause all nominations to be posted in a conspicuous place in each Credit Union office at least 35 days (November 24, 2017) prior to the Election.
  6. All elections shall be determined by a plurality vote and will be conducted by electronic device or mail ballot.
  7. Voting shall be by members only. Only a person who has completed an application and has been accepted for membership is eligible to vote or sign a petition for nomination, provided that member is at least sixteen (16) years old.
  8. In defining membership, the Federal Credit Union Act states, “Shares may be issued in joint tenancy with right of survivorship to any persons designated by the credit union member, but no joint tenant shall be permitted to vote, obtain loans, or hold office, unless he is within the field of membership and is a qualified member.”