Board of Directors

APG Federal Credit Union is directed by a group of volunteers elected by the membership of the credit union. The board of directors has the ultimate decision-making authority and responsibility for directing and controlling the affairs of APGFCU and providing effective and efficient management of overall operations. The Board also approves policies that direct operational management and delegate the necessary authority to staff so they can fulfill their job responsibilities.

Meet the elected volunteers with the responsibility of directing the credit union.

Barry D. Decker, CSM (Ret.)

Chairman of the Board

Paul D. Eikenberg

Vice Chairman

Michael Dixon

Michael L. Dixon, LTC (Ret.)


Donald J. Burnett, COL (Ret.)


Antha W. Edwards

Assistant Treasurer

Charles N. Alston, Sr.


Windsor L. Jones


Sandra Sasser

Sandra J. Sasser


Wayne Taylor

Wayne G. Taylor